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Corbels Security Services
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Corbels Security Services

  • Open Source Targeted Intelligence-based Services
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) to SME's.
  • CISO Mentoring and Advisory Service.
  • CEO, COO, and CFO Security Advisory Service.
  • Advice, direction, marketing, funding introductions, and PR to start-up Security Technology companies.
  • Talent Scout for VC's and Angels.

Ian Cook

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Ian Cook is one of the few truly internationally recognized and respected leaders in the field of Information Technology Security and a well-known security research and Intelligence analyst.

Ian, spent 26 years working in Information Security, pioneered the application of Government intelligence procedures in the corporate sector to predict future security risks and enable security managers to better target their security resources and make more effective strategic decisions.

He has held senior technical and management positions at Saudi American Bank, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Barclays and most recently at Team Cymru, a Boutique non-profit dedicated to making the Internet more secure. On leaving Team Cymru he was awarded the title ‘Team Cymru Emeritus’ which is conferred upon Cymraeg who retire after a particularly noteworthy career and is a mark of distinguished service.

In 2004 Ian spent a one year sabbatical at Cogenta, an exciting start-up company that developed Intelligent Open Source Monitoring Tools for collecting data from the Dark or Hidden Web. This has led to him working with numerous start-ups to help them come to market.

Ian is a long-standing active member of the ‘Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams’ (FIRST), spent 6 years on the FIRST Steering Committee, was the main driver behind the FIRST Best Practice Guide initiative, and was Program Chair for the FIRST 2007 Conference.

For 15 years Ian managed an invite only Security Mailing list that was sent to the main decision makers in the security industry, across all sectors, which has enabled him to have a contacts list – second to none.

In 2020 the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) included Ian on their Incident Response Hall of Fame which acknowledges visionaries and leaders in the field of cyber security.

Corbels Security Services.

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